We're the most trusted
Painting Company In Palos Hills

We're the most trusted
Painting Company
In Palos Hills

Painting is all we do. Our detailed prep, repair, and painting process ensures a long-lasting, great-looking finish. We’re dedicated to providing you with a great experience. From our detailed proposal to our communication throughout your painting project, you’ll love working with our team.

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When it comes to painting your home, you want the job done right. That’s why you should call on the experts at JRT House Painting. We have been serving homeowners in Palos Hills and the surrounding area for many years, and we have a reputation for quality workmanship.

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Painting Experts

Painting Services That Meet (And Even Exceed) All Your Expectations!

Whether your project is interior or exterior, involves a single room or entire house, we look forward to the opportunity to speak with you. Since 1999, JRT House painting has been providing interior and exterior painting services in the Palos Hills area and surrounding suburbs. We are professional craftsmen with an eye for detail working on houses, businesses and offices.

Hiring our painting company into your home will be a positive experience. We make sure it is by carefully protecting furniture and flooring, hardware and landscaping, and by leaving each and every project spotless. Our crew is friendly and helpful, we do not smoke or play loud music on site, and we’ll treat you and your home with respect.

JRT House painting has earned itself a reputation for superior interior and exterior painting throughout the Palos Hills Area for over the past 16 years. We want to make a good impression by our hard work and we know that one job done well leads to another. JRT uses the same crew all year long, Joe is always on the job site, and his crew is always polite.

Call JOE at 708-715-5620 for a free no obligation painting estimate because we want our customers to make an informed choice before they spend their hard earned money.

We offer the most competitive house painting prices and the best quality of service for your Palos Hills home.

Residential Services

Investing in your home will always profit you in some way. It can benefit you financially, should you sell your home, or even emotionally. A fresh coat of interior paint inspires freshness to life that simply cannot be found elsewhere. Our local painters are experts in their field of home painting. They are thoroughly trained with extensive experience in house painting. Our goal is quality service that suits your taste, and we have the expertise requires to make your interior house paint the color of your dreams.

You can count on us to deliver exceptional service every single time. We adhere strictly to your color choices, as they are an expression of you as an individual. If you are unsure about colors, we can also offer recommendations. Our home interior painting team pays close attention to details, so that you are never left with corners that are not to your liking or a mess in your house exactly as quality professional service should be. We will go above and beyond to ensure that our interior wall painting suits your taste and needs; if something isn”t quite right, you can count on us to adjust and tailor to your needs.

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Top-Rated Painters Focused On Quality Craftsmanship And Customer Service

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We have been serving Palos Hills and the surrounding areas with excellence for many years. We would like for you to know that our house painters are the best in their field; thoroughly qualified, background tested, drug-free, and trained interior painters are at your service. Our first and foremost goal is to provide services that not only satisfy our customers, but astound them at the quality. We want to give the best service possible, from the first inch of tape to the final clean-up. We will never cut corners or skip steps; we take pride in our ability to give you our best work.

Our crew is what gives our business its success. As mentioned, they are qualified, drug free and background tested individuals. We only hire the best to work for us, so that you get the best services for your home. After they are hired, they undergo intensive training to hone their skills to a new, higher level than before. All of our crewmembers are honest, hardworking people, who want to assure you that the job is in capable hands, and will be completed at a level above your standards.

Our professional house painters can rejuvenate your home.

If you hire our residential painting contractors, we will accompany you right through the process of painting your home. We will listen to your needs, providing an assessment of your home and accurate estimate of the costs involved in painting your home to your requirements.

Whether you are looking for interior or exterior home painting services, we offer the service you need. Our local painting contractors are highly skilled in all aspects of residential painting services and therefore always deliver work of the highest quality.

If you have found yourself asking “who are the best painting companies near me?” and searching Google for “Palos Hills painters near me” then look no further, you’ve found us. We are a local painting business with the expertise and skill to give you a unique house painting experience. Not only can you trust that our work will be faultless, but, most importantly, we will complete the job in a timely and cost-effective manner, taking away the usual stresses involved in such an important task. We will minimize the impact on your home life, taking every precaution to protect your furniture and surfaces.

We value your experience throughout the painting your house and aim to provide the best possible service. Our painting business has built its reputation as the best around due to our delivery of all round excellence.

Need some professional help for your commercial property?

Utilize Our Commercial Painting Services Today!

We can paint your commercial property with complete professionalism.

Are you a business owner that needs to freshen up your business with a new lick of paint? Do you need a Palos Hills house painting contractor that works to your requirements without entirely disrupting your business? Do you need your business painted quickly and affordably?

If you are looking to hire a reputable, local painting company to paint your commercial property, then look no further. We can paint your office, shop, or other commercial property, however large or small, in accordance with your needs.

We understand that you value time and money, therefore we will aim to minimize the disruption caused by painting your property and will provide you an accurate, cost effective estimate at the outset of the job. We know that business will have to carry on as usual while the painting is completed so we will ensure that we don”t bring your business to a standstill by reducing the impact of our work.

Our painters are professionals with extensive experience in interior painting services, maintaining the highest standards and adhering to agreed industry practices, meaning that their work is always guaranteed to be impeccable. They will complete every aspect of the painting job, from start to finish, allowing you to get on with your business.

Whatever your requirements, you can trust us to paint your commercial property to your needs. Get in touch today and we can begin the process of painting your property.

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Are you looking for a residential painting business to give your home a fresh look? Do you want to use some Palos Hills local house painters? Are you worried about the potential cost to paint a house? Get in touch today and our professional painters can begin the process of rejuvenating your home. Just send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Your satisfaction is our priority and we will go above and beyond to ensure you are completely satisfied with our reliable services.

We look forward to hearing back from you.


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As a respected Palos Hills Painting Contractor, we are able to buy the best quality paint at a significantly discounted price. When we can save more, we can quote you a lower price in the process. And when you receive a better quality of paint for less, you’ll go with us every time! Our crew has all of the tools and equipment necessary for the best finish possible.

Our painting crews protect all your furniture, fixtures, and floor coverings when they prepare the area, however we ask that you clear the room of small items and breakables. We can also move the bigger items for you when we arrive upon request.

We will use the brand of paint you prefer, We like to pair the paint we use with the job we are doing. Most commonly we use Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore. We can recommend a variety of zero and low VOC paints for low odor. We always try to be eco-friendly.

Any local sherwin williams store.

Besides being more time efficient, hiring a painting company ensures your project is properly prepped and cleaned up, and provides a professional finish. Rather than hassling with ladders, toxic fumes, and messy clean up, hire professional painters to get the project done quickly and skillfully.

The Quality of the Painter.

JRT painters have the advantage of experience that reflects in their work. When you hire our painting company, you can expect perfectly finished walls at all times. While you may achieve a average finish, it can't compare to a professional painter's job. JRT painters also have the right tools for the job. You need stepladders or extension ladders, the right brushes, scaffolds, rollers and other tools for a good paint job. You will need to either buy or rent these tools, but without proper experience, you will still not get the same quality of end results as professional painters .


Home owner paint jobs may save you the cost of hiring a professional. But in the long run, you save much more money with a professional doing the painting work.JRT painters do a better job so your paint will last longer and you won't need to redo the work within a short period of time.Our Painters also bring their own tools and equipment so you don't need to spend money on buying or renting them.

The Right Prep

Even if you use the most expensive paints on your surfaces, if the prep work was not done correctly, the paint job won't look good. JRT painters know how to properly prep the walls and take care of spots and stains and smooth out the surface so that the paint will last a long time and look great.Our painters also do a thorough job of protecting your furniture and other surfaces during the jobs.


JRT painters make less mess to begin with and always cleanup after the job is done.

Safety measures

Can you protect yourself.Our painters know how to do a great paint job even while they might be several feet above ground. They know how to properly use the products and tools to protect themselves and your home as well. WE are also insured against accidents or injuries.

Saves time

People know,a paint job may take you days or even weeks to finish.JRT painters can finish the job in day or two or more depending on the amount of work. Were committed to getting the job done right the first time, giving you a completed and professional finish.

Painting is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to change the look of your house but, it can be a very hard task. JRT house painting professionals of Crestwood want to help take that stress out of painting your home. Whether you are in need of interior or exterior painting, let our Crestwood house painters get the job done for you. JRT house painting works to provide excellent service at a low cost. All of our Crestwood painters are efficient, affordable, and willing to work around your schedule. Get started today!

The best way to get your Crestwood house painted correctly is to use our painting service. You don't want to get stuck with a lame duck painting contractor. You want someone with enthusiasm and drive, someone who will give you the attention you need and steer you through the whole process with courtesy and professionalism. As professional painters in the city of Crestwood I can help whether you have everything already planned out to start an interior or exterior house panting project or just have a vague idea in the early development stages. We pride ourselves in paying attention to all the details when working on your home. We have the expertise in paint, wallpaper, and interior design to suit your needs. I am available to give you a free painting estimate, no matter the size or scale of your project. You may be thinking of a friend or relative to hire as your painting contractor but is that going to be enough to get the job done! I would hope you use tough standards when selecting a painting company, just as you would when hiring an accountant to handle your taxes.

Find the Best Costs on House Painting in Crestwood, IL Keeping up the pristine appearance of the exterior and interior is very important especially when trying to sell your house. However, house painting can be very messy and time consuming. Why waste your energy and time on something that can be done easily and at an affordable price with JRT House Painting in Crestwood. Also, you can be given a FREE estimate on how much an exterior or an interior paint job would cost. JRT House Hainting ensures that you are provided with quality service at a competitive price.

Refinishing kitchen cabinets may seem like an easy diy weekend project, but you will soon find that without the proper tools and experience you might be in way over your head. Take a moment and give us a call for a free quote, and have us come out and take care of the headache for you.  We’ll have your cabinets professionally cleaned, sanded, and repainted with a smooth coat of the color of your choice in no time.  Call us first when you need expert help with kitchen cabinet painting services in Boston and surrounding areas. 

JRT House Painting in Palos Hills which you now are connect to are trained and experienced with all sorts of residential painting projects from interior touch-ups and molding color changes to full exterior house painting. Palos Hills homeowners can count on the final results they receive from our professional house painters to be of the highest quality for years after initial painting and can expect to see everything from their home's curbside appeal to its property value increase simply from a professionally performed house painting project.

To get the most accurate information possible about the duration and cost of your house painting project call 708-715-5620 or email me today. I am a trained professional and will be happy to provide you with a detailed assessment of your requested project which covers everything from your schedule for working, a agreed upon budget, and the specific styles, colors, and materials which are found to be best for your home's painting needs.

Homeowners are often surprised to learn just how important prep and post painting work is to the resilience and quality of their house painting project's results. JRT House Painting professionals are the most meticulous and mindful painters you can find anywhere, however, meaning that you don't need to worry at all about the cleanliness of your home or the durability of your new house painting results. Everything from manual washing, sanding, repairing, priming, and clean-up is taken care of by the most experienced house painters Palos Hills has to offer. Contact us today to set up a free estimate to learn more about the full house painting process and get your home looking beautiful in no time.